Tuesday, 9 September 2014


What the heck is going on? Did I rest through Junior High and High School? Did the decade of the 80's truly happen? Alternately was it simply a fantasy (and not a decent one at that)?

This is what I recall. It was the year of a Presidential decision. We had a class battle and decision utilizing the national competitors. I fought and voted in favor of the officeholder - Jimmy Carter of Georgia. I recall the fellow who won was a more established refined men - a previous motion picture star and legislative leader of California - Reagan was his name. I recall that the noticeable gimmicks of his battle were guarantees to cut charges, build protection using and equalization the government plan. He cut charges. He expanded guard using. Furthermore the deficiency blasted. The national obligation truly multiplied amid his residency. Some moderate, huh? In 1984, Mr. Reagan ran against previous Vice President Walter Mondale. Mondale turned out and said that the best way to restore some financial rational soundness was to raise charges. Reagan beat him in an avalanche. Reagan never submitted even one adjusted plan.

By 1988 I was in school. Reagan needed to resign and was supplanted by George H. W. Hedge. Mr. Bramble was chosen in the wake of making the now notorious "Read my lips, no new charges" promise at the Republican National Convention that year. Obviously, after two years he was compelled to bring duties up to attempt and ease off the development of the shortfall. Amid his four year years in office, Mr. Shrub neglected to submit an adjusted plan too.

Republican Presidents ruled from 1980 to 1992. All through this period, Republicans called themselves "the gathering of monetary obligation." They more than once called for a balaced plan. In any case they never - not once - submitted an adjusted plan. They cut duties. They expanded protection using. Furthermore the defecit turned into a national humiliation.

Since now we have an alternate Republican President who said that he could (say it with me now) cut charges, expand safeguard using and keep the financial backing adjusted (don't worry about it that it was Democratic President Bill Clinton who turned into the first President since Nixon to submit an adjusted plan). Presently, its awful enough that individuals succumbed to this contrivance a third time (trick me three times...call me the electorate?). Anyhow to finish everything off, the current President Bush has now deserted all trust - and interest - in balacing the financial backing, with a specific end goal to build tax breaks and expand protection using.

Presently I understand that I'm very nearly talking child talk here.....and I truly do acknowledge everybody keeping it together with me and perusing this far.......but haven't we seen this before?????? For the love of Max Klinger how does anyone still purchase this poo in 2003???? Were we so charmed by Flock of Seagulls hair stylings and understanding our Rubik's solid shapes that we missed the entire "Reaganomics" - "supply-side" test happened the initial two times?

As Paul Krugman deftly delineates all the time (God adore him in light of the fact that I think individuals are beginning to peruse and from there on pose a few questions) in the New York Times, this arrangement is not an arrangement. It is a re-hashed endeavor at plundering the government treasury for rich political benefactors (both individual and corporate). It has completely zero educated honesty and actually everybody knows it. Indeed Republican Senators, for example, Olympia Snowe of Maine and Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island have crossed the isle to work with Senate Democrats in the trusts of making and financial boost charge that really contains a few jolt for somebody other than Charles Schwab.

Each one of those not giving careful consideration to what is going on here ought to be cautioned. In any case I have my Echo & the Bunnymen collections (on vinyl, with the turntable to play them), and I recall the Reagan-Bush years incredibly well for somebody who fail to offer a secondary school certificate for a large portion of them. Don't - DO NOT - make me restore the spirits of Tip O'neill and Mike Synar and go Iran-Contra 1986 on your tired self-assimilated, SUV-driving, "as well occupied with perusing the-most recent Chicken-Soup-for-the-Superego-to-perceive that-your-cracking cheddar hasn't-been-moved-it-was-stolen-and-given-to-somebody who-is-now sitting-on-a-heap of-cheddar" ass.

I, for one, gladly wear the rainment of "class warrior professional." Call me a liberal. Call me a relic of past times. Yet don't attempt to let me know that Whitesnake was the spirit of the 80's. What's more don't attempt to let me know that GWB's "Over-Taxburdened Wealthy and Underperforming Portfolio Tax Relief Act of 2003" is a financial boost bill. Its a squeeze unadulterated and basic. Karl Rove, you would do well to take a swing at me with something more powerful than DOCTOR Bill Frist from Tennessee, in light of the fact that we haven't even heard the State of the Union discourse yet and the great specialist is as of now sounding more like Frank Burns. You need to call a sound open deliberation "class fighting"? Fine. At the same time you would be wise to get a greater sword fella on the grounds that people are beginning to look around and make inquiries - and your kid isn't wearing any garments.

Women and refined men, IT IS ON.

Also again Ralph, a debt of gratitude is in order regarding reminding us that there is no significant distinction in the middle of democrats and republicans.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Solitary Mountain

Solitary Mountain is a mountain in the Big Salmon Range of the Pelly Mountains in south-central Yukon, Canada, situated 49 km (30 mi) southwest of Faro. It is titled for its seclusion and is south of the Robert Campbell Highway.

Solitary Mountain comprises Late Cretaceous volcanics of the Carmacks Group, a 63,000 km2 (24,000 sq mi) volcanic group that may have its source from volcanism of the Yellowstone hotspot some 70 million years ago. Unlike much of the Carmacks Group, the volcanics encompassing Solitary Mountain are separated by the large strike-slip Teslin Fault.