Sunday, 20 October 2002


Today I inaugurate "Reveries of the Solitary Blogger", an opportunity for me to jump into the raging tide of internet punditry, also known as "the blogsphere". Why am I doing this? There are many truly outstanding weblogs out there, most of which offer high grade content and vast readership. I congratulate them on their success. However, I've been itching for some time now to have my own outlet to speak -- my own chance to be heard, saying some things which I feel must be said. Maybe it isn't all "change-the-world" content. But its worth saying, hearing and reading. For some time now I've tried to serve as a clearinghouse for information on current affairs to my friends and family. This blog should help empty some mailboxes while not giving up my work. And if I'm lucky, we'll grow the network as well.

Responses and comments are always welcome. Drop me a line at

Finally, I'm a big theatre-buff. And as I always like to say to my wife, just as the lights go down, "Here we go...."

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